Dogruyol Shipyard able to provide services with 80 x 33 meter closed area including grit stock area, mechanical workshop, prefabrication workshop, cnc, electrical workshop and whare house…
-Cherry picker (24 m) 2pcs
-Manlift (12m) 2pcs
-Manlift (10m) 1pcs
-Forklift (5,5 ton) 1pcs
-Lathe (5 m) 1pcs
-Radial Drilling 1pcs
-Sawing Machine 1pcs
-Planning Machine 1pc
-Overhead Crane (10 ton) 5pcs
-Overhead Crane (15 ton) 1pcs
-Gantry Crane (25+10 ton) 1pcs
-Gantry Crane (15 ton) 1pcs